Help us meet our goal.

We’re raising money to buy and ship much needed medical equipment and supplies to Albuquerque’s newest sister city: Kharkiv, Ukraine. The war has ravaged buildings and depleted much needed supplies. An ambulance has already been donated, and we want to fill it and the remaining portion of a 40 ft shipping container. Please help the people of Kharkiv and Ukraine.

List of Medical Supplies Needed to Fill Ambulance:

Meds per each of the minimum 100 front line operation groups

Occlusal stickers with valves or drainage channel (100 pieces per set x 100 sets)

Nasopharyngeal airway tubes 60 pcs (smallest size- 2 pcs)

Hemostatic dressing 200 units

Israeli tactical and extremity tourniquets, black, SAM 200 pcs

Junctional tourniquets

Digit tourniquets

Pelvic splints an binders SAM 6 pcs

SAM splints 10 pcs

Schant’s cervical collar 2 pcs

Traction splints (femur)

Hydrogel bandages for burns             10 x 10 cm, 100 pcs

20 x 20 cm, 10 pcs

larger size, 10 pcs


Mobile dental office truck to service multiple stations

sturdy patient chair

dental lights

dental examination mirror

washer/ disinfectors

dentist cart

X ray machine


gloves and napkins

eighteenth hyperlight portable xray

portable ultrasound device (FAST) – 2 pcs